12 Tips and Tricks for Taking Care of Your Honda Motorcycle


You have invested in a superior quality Honda motorcycle, so you really want to protect your investment by cleaning it regularly, finishing its surfaces and inspecting it for signs of wear, damage, and brake fluid or oil leakage. Here are some helpful tips and tricks we can share with you to best care for your Honda motorcycle. Get more information about Honda SxS.

1. Never use cleaning agents or products that are not specifically manufactured or intended for car or motorcycle surfaces because they may contain harmful or harsh chemicals that can damage your motorcycle’s paint, plastic or metal.

2. Don’t clean your Honda motorcycle if it is still warm from use, just grab a cup of coffee and wait for the system or engine to cool off.

3. Avoid using water sprays with high pressure like what you usually see on coin-operated car washing stations because it may cause damage to the delicate parts of your Honda motorcycle. For more information about the honda 4 wheeler, follow the link.

4. To loosen the dirt in your Honda Motorcycle, just use cool water to rinse it thoroughly, then clean using a soft cloth or sponge, but avoid squirting the electrical parts and muffler outlets.

5. When cleaning the plastic parts, dampen a soft cloth or sponge with an appropriate cleaning solution of water and mild detergent, rubbing the soiled area and rinse it with fresh water.

6. When cleaning your Honda motorcycle, keep plastic parts away from chemicals and brake fluids because they can damage the painted areas as well.

7. For removing the moisture condensation in your headlight, just switch it on to a high beam and the clouding will gradually disappear.

8. The residues of strong detergents may cause the corrosion of your Honda motorcycle’s alloy parts, so be sure to clean it thoroughly with plenty of water.

9. Allow your bike to dry and once it is dry, you can start running it for several minutes. Test the brakes before you ride, pumping them several times for normal break performance restoration. To read more to our most important info about SxS click the link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Side_by_Side_(UTV).

10. After finish washing, it is important to apply a lubricant to the drive chain because the brake may become less responsive that may cause an accident.

11. Use a commercial polish, wax or spray for your finishing touch.

12. Routine maintenance and inspection are needed to make sure your Honda motorcycle is in a good running condition most especially if you are not really knowledgeable about repairs. it is always good to contact an expert mechanic for your safety.


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